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A land of combinations, Brittany holds a lot of its charm in its contrasts.
Wild and natural, with a lively sea, the tides tease your view, but don’t stay too long!

Take your time to explore the heart of the land, visit the many different forests, sites and trails. The area that includes Port Blanc is called The Pink Granite Coast. It gets its name from the fact that the outcropped granite stones have a dominant pinkish shade.

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Port Blanc

HJEM is ideally situated in the charming harbour village of Port Blanc. Here you have the choice of beaches and sea temperaments all facing the English Channel/La Manche. The seabed is beautiful, connecting a string of islets scattered here and there, one of which is called “Ile aux Femmes”.


The location benefits from calm waters suitable for swimming, boating and associated water sports. All of which can be facilitated through our own local club.

You can also join that coastal walk on the G34, do horse riding or simply stroll around the beautiful village and historical sites.

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