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About Hjem (2).png
HJEM means HOME in Danish.
A few steps from the beach in Port Blanc, Brittany,
find 3 different houses that are all connected.

Our location says it all. You will find us only a few steps from the beach in Port Blanc -Brittany, France. We are truly blessed by our surroundings, the ancient landscape bathed in history, the charming Harbour Village, the Pink Granite Coast. Nature here is savage, the sky is high, the light is breath taking, especially at sunrise and sunset. 

HJEM used to be a PENSION DE FAMILLE - (a place from days gone by) where multiple families would come and stay for the summer. Sharing a large house or villa with each other and a cook - a real community space. A unique place where people would meet to share and exchange ideas and experiences. Thanks to the travelled and experienced hosts and guests, creativity and storytelling were inevitable as they gathered around the shared dinner table or fire, The house has kept this charm of rich souvenirs, sharing and storytelling.

Mindful living is the heart of our kitchen and drive of the houses. It’s visual and delicatly transmitted in the way we host and care for our guests, environment and nature.

Today HJEM’s 3, different and yet connected spaces allow for that community, sharing, friends and family feeling. The separate buildings all gather around a big rock garden, relaxing veranda and a terrace sheltered from the wind.  Providing the additional luxury of privacy and companionship as needed. 

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