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Relax in the
Shared Space

A free space of 120m2

Separate yet connected

Permitting independance and community as desired

Entering the hallway, you find a welcoming reception to your right.  Directly to your left is the heart of our property, our shared space. This can facilitate anything from training, seminars, talks, ateliers, meditation, yoga or other wellness workshops, dance floor or even an indoor play space for children, it is limited only by your imagination.  The dining area, library and lounge are connected to the heart of the home and each other as well as the other end of the hallway It is a generous 120m2 multifunctional community space.

At the other end of the hall adjacent to the dining room you find the stairs leading to the 1st and 2nd floors of guestrooms, here you can smell the seasonal flavours from our kitchen and the entrance to our lush courtyard.

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