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HJEM retreats are named "Pause dans le Temps".
They are hosted by HJEM founder Karin and a Guest host in sync with the seasonal topic.

In a safe and inspiring environment empowered by sisterhood our seasonal retreats include all of our favourite workshops, practices and rituals e.g.: yoga, meditation, walks, swims and last but not least – creativity.

You will be given methods and resources to embrace the season, invited to understand what nature is doing and how this impacts us internally, be that physically or emotionally. 


Thanks to Nature, awareness of your feelings and the connection to your body, mind and heart. 


You will practise enhancing the powerful tool of listening to your intuition and the warmth of your heart. Empowering you with the knowledge and ability to use this tool when faced with the day to day, outside of the safety and loving grace of the group.

 For more information please contact us.

 For dates, please go to calendar 2024/2025

The stay is 2 nights/3 days. 490€


2 Sunrise swims – breath work before with messaging

2 Awakening movement sessions with intuitive journaling

2 Evening yoga sessions

1 Forest therapy

1 Evening workshop – Guest host or season oriented

3 Open afternoons - for siesta / creativity / massage or walk and talk.


During this weekend, we will take the time to reconnect with nature and follow its rhythm.


In the mornings, we will wake up with a meditative swim, breathing exercises, energizing movements and a walk with the aim of launching the body's energy. With the help of invitations, the imagination is set free, leaving room for creativity, self-reflection and our qualities awaiting attention to live our own ecology towards a simpler and freer life.


Then you can nourish the qualities that you would like to embody, that you do not allow yourself to experience in everyday life, leaving room for exploration and what emerges. Nutrition wise we share a healthy, local and seasonal brunch before escaping into free time. Nap, reflection, creation, introspection, strolling, reading, take advantage of this moment to do what is good for you by listening to your inner self.


We meet up to prepare dinner together, nourish our senses and reconnect with our spontaneity. Before dinner we reconnect through a long yoga session where dessert is long savasana.


During and after dinner we share and continue our aim for the retreat – to listen and act to what our inner self brings forth.


Around 10PM we say goodnight.

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