Nature sings the song of HJEM

You can hear the trees, the birds, the sea and your heart beat. You can smell the iodine from the seaweed and the salty water. And the leaves and the pine from the majestic trees. Nature invites you to let go. The silence is caring and so precious and the grounding through sand, sea, rocks or moss is nurturing and vital.

Cold water exposure, and at high season simply Sunrise swimming, 50 meters from HJEM. Forest Bathing walks within 2KM from HJEM. 

Several pearls to visit close by. Location says it all.


Forest Bathing 

Also called Forest Therapy or Shinrin Yoku in Japanese where it’s originally from. It means taking in all of ones senses awakening in the forest. It is mindful, multi sensory, nature immersive experience. A health promoting practice that aims to enhance wellbeing, release stress and encourage relaxation. You slow down, you connect with your inner, intuition and creativity. It’s very much the flame of our Rooting seminars*. It’s far beyond “ A walk in the park” or hugging a tree. With nature and short and simple invitations you are invited to open in trust. The magic of the outcome as we move along is letting go of barriers that no longer serves. You work on your own but balance with the support you get through our circle gatherings and the warmth of our final tea ceremony. Nature has your back!

Cold water exposure

Water or not water there is something magical that arises with the sun and the birds, it’s pure. Everyday is a new day. Your breath is your regulator and your mind can be tricked as you step into a deep cleanse. Time stops and you align your inner in a sparkle as your breath heart and mind connect. Your skin and mind will let you know when it’s time to step out.

There is no right or wrong or how many minutes you have to stay in - we are all unique.The water in Port Blanc is clean so you can gurgle the seawater before brushing your teeth that is! Such a bliss.

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J’ai adoré mes sessions en forêt avec Karin… je dois dire que je n’étais pas vraiment sure de ce que l’on pouvait faire si longtemps et si lentement pendant deux heures immergés dans la forêt au cœur de l’hivers.. Mais!. j’ai aimé dès les premières cinq minutes, lorsque nous avons du laisser derrière nous, tout ce qui ne nous servait pas à ce moment précis… 

Chacune de nos sessions était à chaque fois une très belle découverte, c’était comme si on regardait la nature et les arbres d’un œil tout nouveau, tous si beaux.. avec la réalisation que notre monde se reflétait tout autour de nous dans la forêt avec une grâce impassible.. Ces moments d’hibernation en forêt ont aussi merveilleusement fait éclore notre créativité. Le cœur ouvert et rempli de joie à la fin de chaque session, il me tardait la prochaine!!. 

Merci beaucoup Karin pour une très très belle expérience qui marque à jamais… et à refaire sans modération!. ✨✨✨

Sandrine Bourke